“God Bless the Happy Couple” The Wedding of Selina and Emmanuel

Adoring Bride
I’m not sure it really happened, but at the end of Selina and Emmanuel’s Wedding, after the two very happy couples danced out and they played The Wedding March, I thought I heard people sing “God bless the happy couple…” 
Happy Couple pause to snap picture
This was our second Ghanaian wedding, (our first being our good friends Nii and Adzo’s Wedding [click here] during Ghana 1.0).  This was our first double wedding. The brides were identical twins, and both adorable.


The ceremony itself was not that different from weddings I’ve presided over in the states. Notable differences were:
  • A follow-up question after the customary “who gives this woman to be married to this man” asking if he had performed all the customary rites? Ghanaian Wedding are a multi-step process.
  • Asking “What name do you use when no one is listening?” (she said: honey buns) “Then use that name when you make your vows.” It was a nice touch that the pastor whispered the vows in their ears, and they each spoke them in the microphone for us to hear. I will be sure to do that next time.
  • The wedding ceremony concluded with “You have my full permission to unveil your wife,” and theYourWife groom taking three long minutes to carefully roll up the veil before throwing it back, and kissing her. The congregation erupts in wild applause and cheering.
  • It took 15 Reverends to marry them (and they all had a part, and were listed in the worship guide).
  • The hour long worship service after the wedding ceremony, complete with an offering that will be split by the happy couples.
When we arrived on-time (35 minutes late) the church was one third full. By the time we sang the final hymn, it was overflowing.


Then it was time for pictures, and in the worship guide, an ordering of the different groups was listed, so they each could come forward to have their picture taken, by everyone with a cell phone or tablet!

Every group gets their pictures taken

Lots of photographers

Weddings are always fun, and provide such an interesting window into the culture.  What I will A Good Reminderremember is the 30 minute delay near the end of the service.  I don’t know what caused the delay, but I loved how the music and worship team filled the time with praise and worship, singing and dancing until we were all drowning in sweat.  Then the service continued. 

A beautiful cake

It is a good reminder that an unexpectedly delay is a good time for praise and worship, singing and dancing, and giving God the Glory.


How many brides look this good after 28 years?

[How many brides look this good after 28 years?]

Presbyterian White Jesus watches us dance

[Presbyterian White Jesus watches us dance]

It is common to see pictures of “blue-eyed white Jesus” in the Presby Churches.  To me it feels weird, but I don’t know what the picture could be replaced with.  African Black Jesus?  Maybe the Muslims have it right, banning images of God altogether. 

[If you loose the Bride and Groom, just look for the cell phones

[Where are the Bride and Groom? –  just look for the glow of cell phones]

A few times in the service there was much dancing, and the couples disappeared into the crowd.  Not to worry, you always knew where they were from the aura cell phones above them.

It was really hot

[A quick dab between pictures and we’re ready for the next shot]

What can I say, it was hot and the bride was “glowing”.

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