An Unexpected Joy (by Suzanne)

When I first realized that being a missionary would require raising 100% of our support, I must admit, I dreaded it.  Asking people for money is just not comfortable! However, God has led me through a remarkable process of discovery about the joy and benefits of raising support to go do something scary and bold.

  Suzanne & Praise

First (as I heard my husband say in a sermon not that long ago), to go out and do something you feel called to do that is scary and bold should require help from others; if we could do it on our own, it wouldn’t be scary and bold.  Having a network of people who care about us pray for us and financially support us is a “safety net” that we already access for prayers, advice, and moral support.  Reality tells us that not everything will go perfectly all the time, and people “watching our backs” and lifting us up makes it easier to persist, and dig deeper for what it takes to succeed.


Second, when I truly believe in something, I really enjoy talking about it, sharing with my passion.  We are trying not to coerce people into hearing about our mission who are not genuinely interested in it.  When we know we’re talking to people who have a genuine interest in hearing more about what we’ll be doing, then it’s not that hard to let people know what we need, and to ask them to help us meet our goals so we can be successful.  This leads to my next realization that many Christians are looking for meaningful ways to give money. By sharing our mission, it simply gives people an opportunity to give money toward a good work that we believe will help bring about God’s Kingdom in one area of the globe.  When people say “no thanks,” it is often because they are already giving their money toward other kingdom-focused projects, and to that I say “great!”  The body of Christ has many parts, and that is by design.

 Ashesi’s New Campus at Brekuso, by Suzanne (photos by Steve, of course!)

Last, but by no means least, raising support gives us a great “excuse” to connect with new friends and re-connect with old ones.  How often do we say something like, “we really ought to get together with them?”  Now we are calling people, meeting with people, and it’s fun!  It also helps us gain closure. As we are closing down our lives here to move to Ghana, we get the chance to see people one more time.  Our intention is that when we meet with people who do not feel called to give to our mission, there is no “pressure” to give.  I am just thankful that we can share our story, and what God has done and is doing in our lives, with old and new friends!

All in all, God is blessing this time in our lives as a way to share His work and our story with old and new friends, and I am very thankful for the “burden” of support raising!  As Romans 8:8 says, “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”  I couldn’t say it better myself.

Suzanne Fox Buchele



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