School is cool? (Anna’s entry)

School is cool? Where did that come from?

I think that going to Ghana has been a HUGE change for us. Of course, that’s just what you’d expect… You know, we’re only halfway across the world in a country we’d never heard of before this. But anyways, SCHOOL ROCKS!!!! (I know, you must be thinking, ‘the Buchele’s are going crazy. Who ever thought of liking school?!’) But the teachers are SO nice, I might be taking 8th grade math instead of 7th, the school itself is great, lots of after school activities, all this is AWESOME (quoting the Bible). I do miss my friends from Salado, though (Madison, Marcine and Luke, if you’re reading this, I MISS YOU!!!). But I also miss the church… This new international church is okay, but I really miss the Foundation United Methodist Church at Lakewood (yes, I did call it its full name). I also miss Blyth. And Hunter. And Mrs. Kaylenn. I could go through a ninty-five page list of all the people I miss, but my mom wants to type too sometime this month so I gotta cut it short with: I MISS THE CHURCH AND EVERYONE IN IT!!!!!!!!!
So don’t feel bad if your name’s not here, I still miss you. But anyways, I love the school here…. I just miss the people (some of them) from SIS. You know, I don’t miss my enimies…. Just my BEST friends. And my kinda sorta friends. But anyways, I already have ONE BEST FRIEND!!!! (which I got on the first day of school.) Her name is Alina. She is very nice, and I have made a lot of kinda friends!!! But none are as nice as Alina…. But they are all very nice, still.


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